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    SHA-Based Health Accounts in Twelve Asia-Pacific Economies

    A comparative analysis

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    Hyoung-sun Jeong, Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya
    20 Jan 2010 | 96 pages

    The major goal of developing the SHA is to ensure the comparability of health expenditure estimates reported by different economies. This requires that economies use a common boundary in defining the health systems and that there is consensus on what the elements of a health system are. This review of the first SHA implementations in the Asia- Pacific region assessed the extent to which the economies were able to adhere to the full SHA requirements for comparability.

    The paper provided an assessment of the first examples of the developments for comparability made so far in twelve Asia-Pacific economies including four members of the OECD (Australia, Japan, Korea and New Zealand), other two high income economies (Hong Kong SAR and Chinese Taipei), as well as a number of relatively low income economies, chiefly making use of the SHA Technical Papers published by the OECD Korea Centre as well as data collected for the regional health accounts database by OECD Korea Centre and APNHAN.




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