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    External Publications

    IHP's research is frequently published in academic journals, as chapters in books, and other external scientific and technical channels. Where work has been commissioned by other agencies, including UN and official government bodies, the research is often published in publications issued by the sponsors. Where possible the site provides links to these publications.

    The publications database contains publications made by IHP events or by IHP staff at conferences, workshops or meetings. You can search by topic, title, type, authors and date.





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    Listing of External Publications
    1 - 10 of 72 publications found, listed by date.

    cover page

    Country Diagnostic Study on Long-Term Care in Sri Lanka

    The publication presents a study on the availability and provision of long-term care (LTC) in Sri Lanka, and it discusses findings from the analysis and offers recommendations for the development of LTC systems in the country.


    Date: 1 Jul 2021


    cover page

    Perspectives on transitions away from donor assistance for health: a discrete choices experiment in Sri Lanka

    Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, Duke university with the Institute for Health Policy conducted a study to understand preferences of in-country stakeholders for potential policy options to manage donor transitions.

    Author(s):Ipchita Bharali, Wenhui Mao, Hanna Huffstetler, Annahl Hoole, Prasadini Perera, Osondu Ogbuoji

    Date: 17 Apr 2020


    cover page

    Growning old before becoming rich: challenges of an aging population in Sri Lanka

    This publication analyzes the living arrangements and incomes of the over-60s in Sri Lanka, and patterns and trends of aging. It identifies the challenges the country is likely to face and suggests how policy makers can tackle them. The Institute for


    Date: 31 Dec 2019


    cover page

    The qualty of care in outpatient primary care in public and private sectors in Malaysia

    We compare the quality of care in public and private sector outpatient care in Malaysia using the National Medical Care Survey 2014, using 66 internationally validated quality indicators in 27,587 patient encounters.

    Author(s):May Chien Chin, Sheamini Sivasampu, Nilmini Wijemunige, Ravindra P Rannan-Eliya, Rifat Atun

    Date: 19 Oct 2019


    cover page

    Implementing pro-poor universal health coverage

    This paper published in the Lancet Global Health call on governments to aim for pro-poor universalism, provide adequate financial protection and strengthen the health service delivery system to be accessible by all, in order to achieve UHC.

    Author(s):Jesse Bump, Cheryl Cashin, Kalipso Chalkidou, David Evans, Eduardo Gonz�lez-Pier, Yan Guo, Jeanna Ho

    Date: 11 Dec 2015


    cover page

    Quality of inpatient care in public and private hospitals in Sri Lanka

    This paper published in the Oxford Journals Health Policy and Planning March 2015 issue compares the quality of inpatient clinical care in public and private hospitals in Sri Lanka

    Author(s):Ravindra P Rannan-Eliya*, Nilmini Wijemanne, Isurujith K Liyanage, Shanti Dalpatadu, Sanil de Alwis,

    Date: 1 Mar 2015


    cover page

    The quality of outpatient primary care in public and private sectors in Sri Lanka�how well do patient perceptions match reality and what are the implications?

    This paper published in the Oxford Journals Health Policy and Planning March 2015 issue compares the quality of clinical care and patient satisfaction in public and private outpatient primary care services in Sri Lanka.

    Author(s):Ravindra P Rannan-Eliya*, Nilmini Wijemanne, Isuru K Liyanage, Janaki Jayanthan, Shanti Dalpatadu, S

    Date: 1 Mar 2015


    cover page

    Malaysia Health Care Demand Analysis

    The analyses were done as a joint effort by the researchers at IHP and the Institute for Health Systems Research (IHSR) in Malaysia.

    Author(s):Ravi P. Rannan-Eliya, Chamara Anuranga, Adilius Manual, Ruwani Wickramasinghe, Prasadini Perera, Sha

    Date: 31 Dec 2013

     Download from IHSR website

    cover page

    Mapping Study on the Capacity and Work Experiences of the Counseling Officers / Assistants Attached to the Ministries of Social Services and Child Development and Women�s Affairs

    IHP was commissioned by The Asia Foundation to conduct a mapping exercise on the capacity and work of the Counseling Assistants (CA) attached to the Ministry of Social Services (MSS).

    Author(s):Dr. MALR Perera, Ananda Galappatti, Dr. Shanti Dalpatadu, Nilanga Abeysinghe, Evan Ekanayake, Felici

    Date: 31 Aug 2013


    cover page

    Multisectoral preventive health services in Sri Lanka: Lessons for developing countries in providing public goods in health

    World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 6558, August 2013

    Author(s):Monica Das Gupta, K. C. S. Dalpatadu, C. K. Shanmugarajah, H. M. S. S. D. Herath

    Date: 1 Aug 2013

     Download from World Bank website



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