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    We conduct research and analysis across a wide range of health and social policy issues, both in Sri Lanka and globally. We cover a wide range of cross-cutting themes. This section compiles and groups our work by key research areas. You may also view our research by country or search our research projects database. At IHP, we are committed to sharing our research findings widely as a public service.

    To view commentary and background on selected topics, see topics, and to see our collaboration with networks, see networks.

    Research areas

  •  Ageing and Health
  •  Demography
  •  Health systems equity
  •  Health Accounts
  •  Health Equity
  •  Maternal health
  •  Non-Communicable Disease
  •  Pensions
  •  Public sector performance
  • Global research

    Search our projects

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    IHP as a research centre is committed to serving both Sri Lanka and the wider region. We believe that an international dimension is important as comparative social policy research is an important method for developing new policy insights, and that it adds

    substantial value to our national work, as well as sharing the benefits of our research capabilities with the wider global community. To search our international research by country, click here

    The IHP website provides extensive search facilities to look for specific projects and studies, as well as a Google-powered search option.

    To search our research project database by title, by categories, by keyword, by sponsors or by investigator name, click here.


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