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    Health systems equity

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    Equitable performance of national health systems is a key concern of policy-makers everywhere. Health systems in different countries differ in the extent to whether people are protected against catastrophic medical expenditures, whether public spending benefits the poor, and whether the poor have reasonable access to health services. Yet what works, how important the overall health system is, and what are key determinants remain issues of controversy.

    IHP is recognised as an international leader in its research on equity in health systems. IHP research is based on a key premise that health systems do matter fundamentally for overall equity. This has view is grounded in the historical experience of Sri Lanka's success in acheiving health sector equity, and has been supported by the major international research that IHP has faciliated and led in recent y ears, especially the Equitap research collaboration. IHP continues to focus on research that looks systematically at how equitable national health systems are, and increasingly is shifting also to look at understanding what the key determinants are.

    Current research programme

    IHP current work is focused on increasing the evidence base and understanding on the equitable performance of Sri Lanka's health system, and on expanding the regional and global evidence base on what makes some health systems more equitable than others. In Sri Lanka, IHP continues to do work documenting and analyzing the performance of Sri Lanka's health system. Internationally, IHP continues to coordinate the Equitap research collaboration, and is currently seeking to mobilise funding support for an expanded Equitap initiative which will examine why some tax-financed health systems work better than others.

    Our current research includes:

    • Collaboration with Asian and European colleagues in Equitap. more >>
    • Analyzing key determinants of success in the health systems of Sri Lanka. Malaysia and Hong Kong SAR. more >>
    • Exploring long-term policy options for achieving universal health coverage in Asia-Pacific. more >>



    Related work

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    30 Apr 2007: United Nations ESCAP releases its Theme Study on the Challenges facing regional Health Systems in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific ....


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