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    Sri Lanka's population is well advanced in its demographic transition. Fertility dropped below replacement level by 1994, and life expectancy is over 70 years. The consequent ageing of the population and trends in fertility and mortality have important implications for Sri Lanka across a wide range of policy areas. Since Sri Lanka's demographic indicators are so ahead of other regional countries, it will be difficult for Sri Lanka to generaiise from other countries, since few have experienced Sri Lanka's demographic situation of advanced demographic transition at relatively low per capita GDP.

    Our research is focused on improving the knowledge and understanding of the specific aspects of Sri Lanka's demography, which in many ways is clearly not comparable to most other developing countries. Of particular interest is future trends in age structure and fertlity, regional variations in demographic indicators, and emerging issues related to the gap between male and female life expectancy.

    Current research programme

    IHP's core research in this area was initiated by commissioning Prof. Indralal de Silva of Colombo University to produce new and updated demographic projections for the next century to 2101. These took into account the latest data that had become available by 2005. IHP is now focusing on examining regional variations in demography within Sri Lanka, with a particular concern to recompute mortality rates by district, based on place of normal residence, in contrast to currently published official statistics which present mortality according to place of death. This work will also likely extend into spatial analysis of mortality differences combing both new mortality and birth databases and GIS approaches.

    Our current research includes:

    • Demographic projections of Sri Lanka's population 2001 to 2101. >>More...
    • An ongoing study examining data from the last two national population censuses in Sri Lanka to assess trends in disability in the elderly. >>More...
    • Preparation of new demographic estimates for districts in Sri Lanka, based on place of normal residence and not place of occurrence.
    • A review for UNESCAP of determinants and consequences of low fertility in Sri Lanka>>More...



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