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    Sri Lanka Health Accounts

    IHP health accounts team has been tracking national health expenditures in Sri Lanka since 1998. Following the initiative of Ministry of Health, a local expert group, led by Dr Rannan-Eliya (IHP Fellow) and reporting to the then MOH DDG (Planning) Dr Dalpatadu (IHP Senior Fellow), was tasked with developing a system to routinely track health spending in Sri Lanka. It was decided to adopt international standards in doing this, and in 2001 the first estimates of health spending compatible with the OECD System of Health Accounts (SHA 2000) standard were released for Sri Lanka. These covered the period 1990-1998. Sri Lanka was the second country in the world to implement the new SHA standard.

    The IHP SLHA team has been updating these estimates ever since, producing annual updates each year, and continuously improving the methods and data. Most recently, the SLHA system was updated in 2015 to be able to report results according to the new international SHA 2011 standard. Currently, the SLHA system produces estimates of national health spending for every year since 1990, classifying spending by source of funds, provider and function, and at national, provincial and district levels.


    IHP's SLHA estimates of national health expenditure in Sri Lanka are produced in three formats to be compliant with (a) Sri Lanka NHA standard (SLNHA), (b) System of Health Accounts 1.0 (SHA 1.0), and (c) System of Health Accounts 2011 (SHA 2011). The SLNHA format results for all available years are released in the regular SLHA publication. SHA 1.0 and SHA 2011 compatible results are provided in the regular print publication for selected years, and are available here for download as Excel files for all years.

    IHP revises SLHA estimates on a continuous basis, as data and methods are revised and updated. Where data sources and methods have been changed this may result in loss of comparability with previously published estimates for earlier years. To address this, IHP will usually revise the full estimates for all the years to ensure the consistency over time. Users should always use the most recent electronic version published here, as estimates for all the years may have been changed.

    IHP welcomes enquiries for more detailed tabulations and can undertake further analysis on request. For further information please contact us at .

    Current Data Release

    Issue date: 03/08/2021

    Selected tables and charts from current SLHA release (465 KB)
    SHA 1.0 tables 1990-2019 (489 KB)
    SHA 2011 tables 1990-2019 (597 KB)

    Dates of previous releases

         - 01/04/2018
         - 31/05/2016
         - 27/11/2015
         - 20/12/2014
         - 03/07/2011
         - 05/08/2009


    Health Expenditure Series

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990-2019
    SLHA update released April 2021
    Further details and download

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990-2016
    SLHA update released April 2018
    Further details and download

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990-2014
    SLHA update released November 2015
    Further details and download

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990-2012
    SLHA update released December 2014
    Further details and download

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990-2008
    SLHA update released July 2011
    Further details and download

    Sri Lanka Health Accounts: National Health Expenditure 1990-2006
    SLHA update released August 2009
    Further details and download

    SLHA Policy briefs

    Issue No. 1: What does Sri Lanka Spend on Health (English) (Sinhala) (Tamil)
    Issue No. 2: How much does Sri Lanka spend on primary care?

    Other IHP publications

    Sri Lanka: National AIDS Spending Assessment 2009-2010
    Population Ageing and Health Expenditure: Sri Lanka 2001-2101

    External publications authored by IHP staff

    Sri Lanka SHA Green Paper
    SHA-Based Health Accounts in Twelve Asia-Pacific Economies
    Guidelines for improving the comparability and availability of private health expenditures
    National Health Accounts Estimation Methods: Household Out-of-pocket Spending in Private Expenditure
    ADB-WHO WPRO Technical Notes 1
    ADB-WHO WPRO Technical Notes 2
    ADB-WHO WPRO Technical Notes 3

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